Rides on Moonbikes
on magnificent routes

winter activity

(Tests in March and April 2022, launch December 2022)

Explore winter differently on the handlebars of a Moonbike and follow your guide through the mountain.

First 100% electric snowbike invented and manufactured in Haute-Savoie!

Minimum driver age 16 (no passengers allowed).

Minors must be accompanied by an adult.


The concept

Thanks to its small size, its light weight and its low center of gravity, the MoonBike is particularly agile, it goes everywhere up to 40 cm of powder, a treat!

Calibrated for outings down to -25°C, its top speed can reach 42 km/h, but that's not where the fun lies.

Halfway between the snowscoot and the snowmobile, more manageable, silent, odorless and "clean", the Moonbike revolutionizes mobility on snow for lovers of sliding sensations.

Prior practice of mountain biking, motorcycling, snowboarding or skiing will make it easier to get started.

Exclusively single-seater, the payload of the Moonbike is 120 kg maximum .

Required outfit

Waterproof ski outfit

Ski gloves (avoid mittens) + heaters

High (boot-type) après-ski shoes (snowboard boots authorized)

Your own ski helmet (if you don't have some, Alpiness will provide it, just bring a beanie)

Goggles (if snow)

The formulas